I have been a graphic designer / artist for quite some time. I actually worked for a company for 11 years before I decided to take the plunge and go out on my own in 2012. Once I made that decision I didn't look back, I have been dedicated to designing things I like and customizing artwork for customers from all over.  

Growing up I have always been drawn to handmade items and artwork. It has always been a passion of mine to be able to create things that other people enjoy. Inspiration for me is very spontaneous and compulsive. I can be laying down to go to sleep and an idea for a print will nag at me until I get up and begin working on it.

My kids are a huge inspiration, reminding me to be more open to the simple things around me. I draw from all experiences and continue to learn everything I can from new opportunities and surroundings. 


My business is a one woman show for now. Designing, printing, shipping you name it.